Precision Water Systems USA
PWS 45-75
Automatic, Commercial-Size Convenience

The PWS 45-75 will give you a trouble-free suply of distilled water for years.  All components are made from high-grade stainless steel.  For long life, this distiller offers a unique boiling tank drain system.  The large, 75 gallon storage tank allows you to have an ample supply of distilled water on hand at all times.
Features and Benefits:
  • Trouble-free float system
  • Sealed power switches
  • Efficient cooling coil
  • Large, 5-inch boiling and storage tank opening
  • Plug-free drain system
  • Convenience holding tank level gauge
  • Distilling Capacity:  45 gallons per day
  • Holding Tank Capacity:  75 gallons
  • Height:  67 1/2-inches
  • Depth:  21 1/2-inches
  • Width:  26 1/2-inches
  • Weight:  152 pounds