Precision Water Systems USA
PWS 12-20
Automatic, Family-Size Convenience

The PWS 12-20's hands-off, fully automatic operation is designed with the busy customer in mind.  This automatic disiller allows you to go about your day, knowing that when you need it, 20 gallons of the purest steam distilled drinking water is available, without the extra work and inconvenience of handling heavy bottles.
Features and Benefits:
  • Trouble-free float system
  • Seal protected switching
  • Highly efficient, stainless steel finned coil
  • Advanced, worry-free stainless steel water solenoid fill valve
  • Large, 5-inch boiling and storage tank opening
  • 3/4-inch impurities drain
  • Stainless steel coconut-charcoal filter
  • Distilling Capacity:  12 gallons per day
  • Holding Tank Capacity:  20 gallons
  • Height:  57 5/8-inches
  • Depth:  14-inches
  • Width:  18 1/2-inches
  • Weight:  83 pounds